Requirements for the castle visit

Due to the legal Corona requirements you must meet the following requirements:

Online ticket
You have to buy an online ticket in advance in the Online-Ticket-Portal.
Here you find the opening times. Here you find the admission fees.

Face mask
For your visit you need to bring a face mask (FFP2/medical), which you must wear in all indoor areas: show rooms, souvenir shop, shuttle bus and restrooms as well as in waiting queues and in the gastronomy until to your table.

VTR evidence* is currently no longer necessary for:
- Access to the castle grounds
- Visit of the museum rooms
- Visit of the castle's beer garden**

VTR evidence* is currently still necessary for:
- Visit of the castle's restaurant**

Data collection in the castle gastronomy
If you want to visit our restaurant or beer garden we are bound by law to take a data collection. This you can do comfortably by the Luca app or handwritten in a blank form.

* VTR evidence = Vaccinated or Tested or Recovered:
- either the evidence of being completely vaccinated against Corona
- or the evidence of being negativ Corona testet within the last 24 hours
  (this applies for visitors from 6 years on)- or the evidence of being Corona recovered.

** The castle's gastronomy currently opens either the beer garden (good weather) or the restaurant (bad weather).


In general:
Guests, who show Covid-19 symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, cold, sore throat) or who had contact to Corona infected persons within the last 14 days, are not allowed to enter Hohenzollern Castle and its facilities.



D-72379 Burg Hohenzollern
Visitor phone +49 (0)7471 2428
Fax +49 (0)7471 6812