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For visiting the castle we recommend to buy the tickets in our Online-Ticket-Portal.

Buying tickets on site is (in the parking lot shop) only partly possible and depends on if there are still tickets available for your favorite time slot. There are also long waiting times possible.


Corona regulation | Status: 03.04.2022
According to the legal Corona regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg it applies:

Mask, Distance and Hygiene Recommendation

When visiting Hohenzollern Castle we ask you to comply with the following recommendations:

  • Wearing a medical mask (FFP2/medical) in enclosed indoor spaces
    (in the restaurant until to table).
  • A minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other persons.
  • Adequate hygiene: Washing/disinfecting hands on a regular basis.

When using the shuttle bus there is still the obligation of wearing a face mask (according to the lagal regulations). Exceptions: Children until 6 years and persons, who cannot wear a mask for health reasons, are exempt from this regulation

(Source: Baden-Wü


In general:
Guests, who show Covid-19 symptoms (e.g. fever, cough, cold, sore throat) or who had contact to Corona infected persons within the last 14 days, are not allowed to enter Hohenzollern Castle and its facilities.



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