Open Air Cinema 2019
(in German language)

05 & 06 July 2019 (Friday & Saturday)

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Friday, 05 July 2019

Movie: 25 km/h

tl_files/bhz_design/img/Events Bilder/events_2019_25kmh.jpgLocation: Castles' courtyard, open air
20:00 hrs: Admittance, catering in the castles' garden
22:00 hrs: Start movie part 1
ca. 23:15 hrs: Break
ca. 23:45 hrs: Start movie part 2
ca. 0:30 hrs: End
Film language: German
Ticket: 12,00 Euro






Saturday, 06 July 2019 - Double Feature Music Night

Movie 1: Bohemian Rhapsody

Movie 2: Rocketman

Location: Castles' courtyard, open air
20.00 hrs: Admittance, catering in the castles' garden
22.00 Uhr: Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer
ca. 0.15 Uhr: Break
ca. 0.45 Uhr: Rocketman Trailer
ca. 2.45 Uhr: End
Film language: German (in each case)
Ticket: 16,00 Euro

tl_files/bhz_design/img/Events Bilder/events_2019_Kino_Bohemian_.jpgtl_files/bhz_design/img/Events Bilder/events_2019_Rocket-Man.jpg










Tickets in advance are available from 10 June 2019 in the Zollernalb-Kinos Hechingen and Albstadt and on Hohenzollern Castle. Advance tickets include the tickets for the shuttle bus between parking lot and castle. Tickets are also available at the box office (without shuttle bus ticket).

Tip: Even on warm summer days the nights can be coolish up at the Castle. We advise you to come prepared with warm clothes/blankets/cushions.