Velvet, Silk & Gold -
Restorers at work

09 - 12 May 2023 (Thursday - Sunday)

A hole in an oil painting, missing gold leaf on a picture frame, crumbling stucco decorations on the walls, damaged carvings or worn upholstered furniture - there is always something to repair, restore and renovate within time-honored walls. From May 9 - 12, 2024, visitors can look over the shoulders of the restorers at Hohenzollern Castle and learn interesting facts about old and special craft techniques. A total of 8 different trades will be presented:

Restoration of textiles
Matthias Golle is a state-certified restorer in the trade of interior design ( In recent years, he has already reupholstered a number of pieces of seating and reclining furniture and restored curtains for Hohenzollern Castle - such as the corner bench, the chaise longue and the room divider drapery in the Princess's boudoir. He obtains the historically accurate reproductions of the fabrics from the silk manufacturer Eschke.

Reconstruction of historical fabrics
Peggy Wunderlich and Torsten Bäz from the Eschke silk manufactory specialize in the faithful reproduction of historical fabrics. As exact originals often no longer exist, the experts use the historical context of the era, contemporary design and material as well as extensive research into yarn counts, colors and ornaments and technological experience to get as close as possible to the original. They weave fine silk fabrics and heavy period furniture fabrics true to the originals on machines, some of which are listed.

Trimmings & textile art
As a trained textile pattern designer, Simone Howe has specialized in the field of trimmings, i.e. the design and production of artistic borders, cords, tassels, fringes and tiebacks ( In recent years, she has completed numerous commissions for the reconstruction of historical trimmings for palaces and castles in Germany and abroad, including Hohenzollern Castle. She designs all parts of the trimmings individually by hand. The cords and yarns are woven precisely according to historical patterns on a jacquard loom that is over 100 years old.

Restoration of wood
Anja Bachmann and Jörg John from Restaurierungsatelier Blankenhain are both trained carpenters and have each completed a degree in wood restoration and wood technology respectively. They specialize in the restoration of small wooden objects and furniture, including carvings and even complete choir stalls and interiors. Her clients include museums, churches, palaces, castles and private customers. For Hohenzollern Castle, they have already restored numerous chairs, armchairs, stools and towel rails as well as various figurative carvings and a colored and partially gilded picture frame.

Restoration of metal
Ulrich Weidauer is an expert in the restoration of metal exhibits and technical cultural assets ( He was commissioned by Hohenzollern Castle to restore the gilded chandelier forged from sheet steel in the Princess's drawing room. In the process, he electrified the historic chandelier with 24 LED light sources. The modern modification is legitimized by the continued use and thus the preservation of the chandelier. Ulrich Weidauer is also dedicated to cleaning, adding to and reconstructing the curtain reefing hooks in the prince's apartment.

Wall frames, stucco & paintings
Max Götter has been working as a freelance restorer at Hohenzollern Castle for over 20 years and specializes in the restoration of murals, wall paintings and stucco elements. His first castle project was the repair of cracks in the gilded walls and the ornately decorated wooden ceiling in the Blue Salon, which dated back to the 1978 earthquake. Since then, he has also regularly restored figurative stucco decorations and ornaments on portals and fireplaces.

Paintings & appraisal
Susanne Kleindienst is in demand when it comes to restoring paintings. As a trained and self-employed painting restorer, she specializes in cleaning, repairing and retouching paintings on various support materials. For example, she removes yellowed layers of varnish, fixes loose paint flakes, smoothes out imperfections, retouches the affected areas and closes tears or holes in the canvas. If a painting or other exhibit is lent, for example as a temporary loan to another museum, Susanne Kleindienst issues a condition report on the object beforehand and carries out the appraisal on its return.

Stonemasonry work
It is well known that one of the most important building materials in a castle is stone. This is why Hohenzollern Castle also employs stonemason Marie-Elaine Boos. Even though modern machines and tools make stone carving much easier these days, a great deal of manual work and craftsmanship is still required to ensure the historically correct reproduction of wall stones or ornaments. This is why the stonemason still uses a traditional hammer and chisel to carve the typical surface structure on the visible side of a stone block.

Friends of Hohenzollern Castle Association
The Friends of Hohenzollern Castle Association will also be present and provide information about the association's work, projects and activities at its stand. The aim of the association is to contribute to the protection and preservation of Hohenzollern Castle. The income from membership fees, donations and other activities is invested in special restoration measures. For example, the association is financing the restoration of the secretary's clock in the Blue Salon, whose tower-like wooden case will be restored by Anja Bachmann and Jörg John during this event.

Program for children
Younger visitors will get their money's worth in the royal craft garden, where they can make their own knight's helmets and crowns (craft materials will be provided). The Freiburger Spielmobil will also be there with its make-up studio and court juggler Klausi Klücklich will be blowing his bubbles in the castle courtyard.

The castle’s gastronomy will be serving food in the restaurant and beer garden and will be running a stand with dip'n'fry fries and hot dogs as well as an ice cream van in the castle courtyard. The Friends of Hohenzollern Castle Association serves homemade lemonades and sparkling wine in the castle garden and bubble waffles are available at the Hansel & Gretel hut.


Note: Photos and videos will be taken during this event and published as part of press coverage (TV, print media, digital media, social media). If you do not wish to be photographed/filmed, please feel free to contact the camera staff.


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